Become a better version of yourself

Flow Tai Chi will transform your life, increase your general happiness, and vastly improve your health and fitness; that is our promise.

With centuries of proven benefits, Tai Chi has now been re-shaped to suit 21st century needs and expectations.

Following natural principles developed over centuries, this meditation in motion, with its low-impact but long lasting effects, will immediately develop your muscular strength, increase your blood and oxygen circulation, improve your coordination and balance, release stress and develop your flexibility.

The three tools of Tai Chi


Tai Chi Form

The first Flow Tai Chi form you will learn is a shorter version of the classic long form of 108 movements and only contains 54 key movements. It is easier to memorise and practice. Once you advance to senior level, you will learn the whole 108 movements.


Qi Gong

Learn how to cultivate your inner breath (Chi) with a series of body-postures, movements, breathing exercises, and meditation. With Qi Gong you will better understand and control your body and breath. Your breath is the bridge between your body and your mind.



In our fast-paced lives, the body-mind connection is largely lost. Just like physical exercise develop muscle strength and agility, meditation trains your minds to be focused, strong and resilient. With meditation, you will develop better control of your mind and emotions.

Classes & Times

WEDNESDAY 6.30-7.30pm
Applecross Tennis Club

> Just Turn-up anytime – NO BOOKING

FRIDAY 7.00-8.00am
and 8.00-9.00am
East Fremantle Lacrosse Club

> Just Turn-up anytime – NO BOOKING

SATURDAY 7.00-8.00am
Heart Place @ Fibonacci Centre
19 Blinco Street, Fremantle


Multifacetted Tai Chi

There are so many facets that form the complete system of Tai Chi, and therefore there is something for everyone. Each class focuses primarily on the core exercises; the Qi Gong, Tai Chi form, the 24 Technical Exercises and Meditation. We will also explore Taoist Gymnastic and Martial application which are really fun to try on a partner.

Self Defense

Self Defense

Tai Chi is originally a martial art, and an is a very simple and effective self-defense system once you know how to use it to that end. The 24 Technical Exercises are a very valuable tool to learn body mechanic and develop strength and flexibility of the joints. We will also explore martial applications, and learn how to use the movements contains in the Tai Chi form.

Tai Chi for all

Tai Chi is for everyone, young and old, strong and frail, women and men. Depending on what you are interested in, there are different facets to Tai Chi; definitely not just the Tai Chi form. With low/high intensity interval training, stretching and flexibility routines, breath work, cardio and strength exercise, meditation, martial application, push hands, Tai Chi has it all.

Holding the Tree posture

Body and Mental Health

Tai chi, often referred to as 'moving meditation', can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It can increase self esteem and confidence and improve cognitive functions. Tai chi can be practiced with very low physical impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it safe for all ages and fitness levels.

Who are we?

With more than 40 years’ experience accross several continents and martial arts disciplines, Flow Tai Chi has a lot to offer you.

Starting with Judo in my youth, then Kung Fu, Ba Gua, Boxing, Tai Chi and Systema, I have never stopped learning and still do today.

You can now benefit from this wealth of knowledge, and learn a century old art with the depth of meaning it contains, albeit hidden to the majority.

What others have to say...

Testimonial 2
“Eric's ability to break down complex movements into easily understandable components is commendable. He has a remarkable way of making the art of Tai Chi accessible to beginners while challenging the more experienced practitioners to refine their techniques. He creates an inclusive and supportive learning environment where everyone, regardless of their level, feels encouraged and valued.”
Testimonial 1
“One of the most striking qualities of Eric's teaching is his genuine passion for Tai Chi. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it is evident that he lives and breathes this art form. His dedication extends beyond the classroom, as he is always eager to answer questions, provide additional resources, and offer guidance for personal improvement.”
Testimonial 3
“If you are looking for a Tai Chi instructor who is not only an expert in the art but also a caring, passionate, and dedicated teacher, I wholeheartedly recommend Eric from Flow Tai Chi. He will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, health, and inner peace through the practice of Tai Chi, and you will undoubtedly be richer for the experience.”

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